Email lists and newsletters aren’t anything new to the world of marketing, they’ve been around for years. Yes, you’ve probably received some really spammy ones, but actually email marketing can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your toolkit. Lots of people talk about starting one, but do you know WHY you should?

I’m sure you have subscribed to lots of email lists over the year, but you may be asking yourself- what’s the point in my small business? Well here are a few reasons you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD start that email list…

You don’t own your social media.

Social Media is essential to growing your business, agreed? But you don’t actually have any control over it. One day they could easily press the button and BOOM it’s gone, along with all your content and audience. How gutted would you be? We all know it’s getting harder to get our content seen on Social Media, and who knows but one day we could be forced into paying to be seen…not ideal.

Luckily for you, you can control your own email newsletter. So even if your Social Media channels are doomed to be seen by a fraction of your audience forever, you’ve got your email newsletter to fall back on. Your email list subscribers will ALWAYS be there to read your emails and updates.

Your email subscribers are more likely to buy from you.

How often do you give away your email address? If you are anything like me you are probably a little bit protective of it, and don’t want to give it away to easily for fear of being spammed with thousands of emails, that you aren’t really interested in. Sound like you? Yep, well that’s what makes your email address even more valuable, because for you to even give your email address away is a pretty big deal, which must mean you are interested in either the content that the emails will be giving you, or interested in potentially buying- even if it’s later down the line. If they are on your list, they are real, they are engaged.

So, when people sign up to your email list, value them, take care of them because they’ll likely turn out to be your most loyal customers, and engaged readers.

It’s the easiest way to stay in touch.

Not everyone will see your big announcements on social media. Not everyone will check your blog every day. But they are likely checking their emails every day. So, if you’ve got something important to say and you’d like to make sure your audience receives it, then there is no better way to communicate it that via your email list.

Ok, I’m sold but how can I start an email list?

 So to start an email list, you’ll need to find a email marketing provider, who can store you subscribers safely, and help you build emails.

Here’s a list of some email providers you can have a look at, a lot are free for a certain numbers of subscribers so you shouldn’t need to pay to start..

There are tonnes of them, but those are a few that come to mind. I personally use MailChimp, I find it pretty user friendly and it integrates with lots of other marketing tools I use.

All you’ll need to do is set up an account and you’ve got the base ready to start taking email subscribers.  Simples!

Any questions, drop me a line. Meg@weareauxilia.com

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