Do you ever find it difficult to get started on that list of tasks, even though it’s mounting up? It’s so easy to procrastinate – isn’t it? How great would it be if you could find a productivity hack that helps to get you motivated again?

Here are 15 tips for getting through your task list and beating procrastination;

Go for a stroll.

Taking a walk can increase your productivity by up to 20%. Often just spending a little bit of time outside will make you return to work more focused. 

Switch off the Socials!

Turn off all the distractions before you start work, by eliminating these distractions you’ll make sure you are in the right frame of mind. 

Reduce your interruptions. 

Plan in time each day where you don’t receive any calls, emails or anything else that interrupts you. If you work from home and have family that often disturb you during your working hours, let them know in advance that you aren’t to be disturbed. Once you’ve become fully invested in your tasks, you’ll find you’ll get lots more completed. 

Make your emails straight to the point.

Use bullet points in your email to get your point across quickly. It’ll not only save you time, but it’ll save the recipient time too. 

Set your intentions.

By setting yourself clear daily goals every morning, you can eliminate stress. Ask yourself if you could only achieve one thing today, what would it be.

Break down large projects into bitesize chunks.

How many times have you look at a large project and found it really overwhelming? By breaking big projects into little chunks, you can achieve one thing at a time. 

Treat Yourself.

Give yourself a little reward to every goal you meet. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, something like a snack or 10 mins on Social Media. 

Start a ‘done’ list. 

At the end of each day spend 10 minutes writing down everything you’ve achieved. You’ll see how efficiently you’re working!

Work out your most productive hours.

Decide which times of day are you ‘Productivity Power Hours’, using these times will help you get the most out of your day. I always find first thing in the morning is my most productive time!

Push yourself. 

Boredom is the No.1 cause of procrastination so keep yourself motivated and interested in what you are doing.

Only check your emails at set times throughout the day.

We’ve all been there when it’s really easy to jump on the latest email that’s in your inbox. You need to dedicate your time to the project you’re on, not fliting between tasks.  

Give yourself a break.

Years ago, someone introduced me to the Pomodoro technique to help me be more productive with my degree studies. You work solidly for 25 minutes and then have a break for 3-5 minutes, allowing your brain to relax. I’ve tried it and it works, honest!

Why are you even doing this?

Remind yourself your why. Why do you need to get a certain task finished? Why is it important to get it done? This will certainly help you find your motivation. 

Get some ZZZZZ’s.

If you’re feeling tired, you’re more likely to give in to distractions. Being well rested is better for your mind and allows you to concentrate more. 

Be kind to yourself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’ll only make you procrastinate more. Stop using up energy beating yourself up and channel it into getting stuff done. 

If you’ve tried all the points above and you still find yourself procrastinating, perhaps you need to look at the sorts of tasks you’re doing. Do you need to complete these tasks or are they something that could be outsourced? Find out more about outsourcing here.

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