This is a question that comes up, time and time again and in short, in an ideal world you’d be on every platform your ideal clients are active on. Let’s be honest, that’s probably not realistic. 

Being realistic…

You should aim to be on one or two platforms initially, but you need to make sure that these platforms are the ones your ideal clients are likely to be on. I know of a company that were targeting women aged 60+ on Instagram. Now while I’m sure there are some women aged 60+ on Instagram, research tells me that Instagram isn’t really the ideal platform for them to be using. You can see in this article the demographic split for Instagram, if you’re interested. 

How can I find out where my ideal clients are? 

This really doesn’t need to be complicated. Find ten of your ideal clients and ask them what platforms they are on. 

If you’re interested in finding out the demographics of people using each platform you could have a read of this breakdown by Social Sprout. However, you really need to be niching down further into your ideal client, not just their age or gender. 

I know where I need to be, now what?

Once you’ve identified which two platforms your business needs to be on to attract your ideal clients, you should focus on those platforms and make sure you are able to show up consistently and you are creating high quality engaging content. 

Often, I see businesses fall into the trap of being on EVERY social media platform going, but they aren’t showing up consistently and their content really isn’t engaging. So why would I, as a follower hang around? 

It’s better to be effective on one or two social media platforms, than be ineffective on five or six. 

Do I need to post every day? 

Again, there is no ‘one size fits all’ but I’d encourage you to think about being consistent. If you are going to struggle showing up every day and creating content, then perhaps start of with 3 days a week. You can always build up to more. 

Keep an eye on your analytics and insights to identify the optimum times to be posting, whether that’s 6pm in the evening, or first thing in the morning. That way you are giving your content the best chance of being seen, by your ideal audience. 

Make sure that you set time aside to reply to any comments on your posts. Afterall they’ll help train the algorithm to think your content is engaging. To help the algorithm even more, why not ask some friends, family or colleagues to comment or like your posts, every little helps. 

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