How entering awards can help your small business grow?

How entering awards can help your small business grow?

Entering business awards can boost your sales, raise brand awareness and help leave you competitors behind you.

Imagine this, you’re sat ther staring at the host on the stage, who’s waiting to open up the next envelope. The audience tenses up and silence fills the room in anticipation of the winner being announced of the award your business has entered. 

And then your business name is called! Applause and cheers fill the room and a mixture of joy and relief consumes you. 

You get blinded momentarily from the flashing lights of the photographer as your life up your trophy.

Before any of this even happens, just the sheer happiness of being nominated is a wonderful feeling. This exact feeling happened to me, when I was shortlisted for Best Newcomer VA 2019! I’m hoping the above will be happening to me in a few weeks’ time at the UK VA Awards at Olympia, London. 

Let’s be honest seeing the photo of your holding your award in the newspaper and online, will make you smile. As will the phone constantly ringing with new business or your inbox filling up with potential new clients. The power of an award (or even a nomination) is helping a business grow. So, here’s a few ways entering an award will help your small business grow: 

Strengthens your position against your competitors.

Would you be more likely to use THE award-winning business or the one that hasn’t won any awards? 

More Customers equals more sales equals more income

Being nominated or winning awards is a massive indicator of trust-worthiness among prospective customers. Businesses who regularly enter and win awards report an increase in sales and income against those businesses who don’t enter awards. 

Increase your credibility 

Entering awards reinforces the skill and value you bring to your profession and sector. It gives your recognition for your hard work. 

Builds brand awareness

If your business is nominated or becomes a finalist, you will be likely to receive a certain about of highly valuable publicity before the event, through print, email and social media as well as at the awards ceremony.

Publicity opportunities

Being nominated for an award gives you the opportunity to use this for PR and publicity purposes. You will usually be given the opportunity to use the awards branding on your website and in you marketing collateral, which will help build trust and awareness with your target audience. You can see here how I’ve used the Best Newcomer VA Award 2019 logo here.

Enhances customer retention and loyalty.

Entering and winning business awards demonstrates to your customers that your business is at the top of its game, reinforcing why they choose to work with you in the first place. 

I’m so pleased to have been shortlisted for Best Newcomer VA 2019! Thanks to all my wonderful clients, I will keep you updated with how I get on.