How does Auxilia’s Newsletter Creation service work?

How does Auxilia’s Newsletter Creation service work?

When was the last time you sent out a newsletter? Not quite sure how to put it together or what content to include? Do you think you could do with a hand? 

We’ll have no fear, here’s how my Newsletter Creation service works…

How it works…

1.Together we will discuss which email management system you are using, there’s lots on the market but we will make sure you aren’t paying for something you don’t need.

(My personal preference is Mailchimp, but I’ve also worked with Mailer lite, Bronto and Convertkit, so I’m able to assist you with your preferred platform too.) 

2. We will decide how frequently you’d like to send out your newsletter, whether that’s weekly or monthly – you’ll only pay for what you’ve had created. 

3. You can decide whether you’d like me to write the content of your newsletter for you, or if you’d rather I just designed and built it for you, and you provide the content. Here’s how newsletter content creation works;

Content Created- You’ll provide me with a summary of the topic you’d like covered, and any links to any content you’ve already created that can assist me. You’ll also let me know any links you’d like included too. I’ll create the newsletter copy and send it over to you for approval and you’ll get the opportunity to have one round of amends*. I’ll also source any images to accompany the newsletter and provide you with 2 or 3 subject line options to choose from.

Content Provided- You’ll provide me with the content, links and all the images for your newsletter. You’ll also need to provide a subject line for your email; however, I’d be happy to give you any feedback on the above. You can either provide this on my word doc template or via Trello. 

4. Once the content is all together, I will then build your newsletter using your template. This includes using your brand colours and style. I’ll add in all the links and check they are all working. Once the newsletter is complete, I’ll send it over to you for your approval, again you’ll get one round of amends. 

5. When you have approved your newsletter, I’ll schedule it for the time and date you’d like it sent. I’m happy to give you advice about when might be best for your audience to receive it. You’ll let me know which audience you’d like to send to, and I’ll make sure it’s set to send to them. 

It’s as simple as that!

So, what’s the cost?

You get all this for £60 per newsletter! 

So if you’re interested in working together to get your next newsletter created for you, send me an email on meg@weareauxilia.com to get started.

*Additional amends are chargeable at the hourly rate of £30.