Have you dabbled in Facebook Ads yourself, but haven’t see very good results? Feel like Facebook Ads wouldn’t ‘work’ for you? In fact, it’s highly unlikely that Facebook Ads wouldn’t work for your business. 

You’re not alone in feeling like this about Facebook Ads, lots of people start running Facebook Ads without really understanding how the targeting and optimisation works and therefore come to conclusion that Facebook Ads don’t offer a good return on investment for them. Actually, you can get a FANTASTIC Return on Investment if your ads are set up correctly as part of an informed strategy. 

Why should I use Facebook Ads?

With over 2.8 BILLION Facebook users, Facebook has acquired a massive amount of data on its users and so Facebook Ads allows you to use this data to your advantage, by getting your ad in front of your target audience. Facebook Ads are incredibly focused so you can rest assured you are spending money on the right people. 

What’s great about Facebook Ads in comparison to print advertising, is that you quickly understand whether they are working allowing you to be responsive and adjust your strategy, accordingly, saving you time and money! 

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How we can work together?

I offer a ‘done for you’ service which will see me getting to understand your business, who you are targeting and your business goals before coming up with an advertising plan. This can either be one off short campaigns or on-going campaigns and ever-green sales funnels depending on your industry and niche. 

Facebook Ads Management

I’ll create a bespoke package for you depending on your budget, audience and market niche. I recommend a minimum ad spend of £10 a day to achieve success, although with a higher daily ad spend, we could achieve much more. I will guide you on the monthly budget for your campaigns after our initial discovery call. 

Can you guarantee results?

If you are expecting your ads to be a overnight success, then I’m not the right person for you. Social Media Marketing, including Facebook Ads is all about testing and learning so in order to get the most out of your Ads, you’ll need to have a learning & testing mindset.

I can promise you that I will do the best job that I can with the tools you give me and will be completely transparent with the results. In fact, I’ll be treating your ads budget as if it was my own money. 

What does the Facebook Ads Management Service involve? 

  • We’ll arrange to have a Discovery Call to see if we will be a good fit, in working together. Following this I’ll send you my onboarding questionnaire. This helps me to understand more about your business and your target audience, which in turn helps with your strategy planning.
  • Following this we will get the cogs moving and start making sure the set-up is ready for your ads. We will look at whether Landing Pages need building, check to see if your Facebook Pixel is installed on your website and begin researching and building your Ads audiences. 
  • Then the testing begins! I’ll start looking at all the individual elements of your campaign so we can gain a deeper understanding for what works for your audience and goals. Following the initial testing phase, I will run your campaigns for you and optimise and scale accordingly. After this, we may have further discussions on your budget. 
  • I’ll be monitoring your ads on a daily basis and make changes where necessary; this helps to ensure continued success and avoid ad fatigue. I’ll keep you in the loop with your results, sending you updates accordingly. Of course, you are more than welcome to ask anything about your ads, anytime. 

How much does it cost?

The ‘done for you service’ starts at £500/PCM + any set up fees. Fees vary based on scale, budget and number of campaigns running throughout a month.

What to find out more? Email me: meg@weareauxilia.com

Not quite ready to work together on a managed basis? My Facebook Ads Power Hours may be more suitable. 

Let’s see how we can work together…

Get in touch with me via phone, email or use the contact form and we can have a chat and set up your initial free consultation, so that I can understand what you are looking for and find out more about your business. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.