With 2.8 BILLION users Facebook and Instagram are likely to be one of the places that your ideal customers hang out, but yet I hear time and time again the phrase. “Facebook Ads won’t work for me” “Facebook Ads don’t suit my business/products” “I’ve tried Ads and they don’t work for small/big ticket services/items. Infact none of these things are true, it’s more like that something isn’t quite right in the way you are running your ads. 

Here are the main 7 reasons Facebook Ads aren’t working; 

You’ve chosen the wrong campaign objective.

Choosing the correct campaign object is really important when planning your Facebook Ads as it indicates to Facebook how to share your ads with your audience and helps to optimise to get the best results i.e the action you want them to take. 

For example; 

If you are driving sales, you’d choose conversion. 

If you want to drive people to a specific webpage, like a blog you’d choose traffic.

The impact of choosing the wrong objective, will not only hinder your ads performance but also end up costing you a lot more money. 

You’re showing your ads to the wrong people

Facebook is one of the only places in advertising that you can be really focused on your target audience, which is ultimately makes it way more effective than other forms of advertising. However, get your targeting wrong and you’ll be showing your ads to the wrong people- people who probably aren’t interested in your product/service etc. 

Facebook has 3 types of audience that you can create; 

  • Custom Audiences are your warmest audiences and are built from your Website Visitors, Email List and Purchasers etc. You’ll need to have a pixel set up to use these. 
  • Lookalike Audiences are cold audiences, they are based on your custom audiences and then Facebook matches other people who are similar to that custom audiences. If you have a bad quality custom audience e.g. brought followers you may find they don’t work as effectively as your audience will contain the wrong people. 
  • Interest Based Audience are based off demographics, interests and behaviours. You’ll need to have a really good idea of who you want to target, right down to the tiniest detail. Often working with something like an ideal client avatar can be really useful. You can also use techniques like narrowing and layering to make your audience more effective. 

You aren’t willing to invest and are looking for a quick fix

When you use Facebook Ads you bid against other competitors to show people your ad. Therefore, if you don’t have a big enough budget you may find yourself being out bid by competitors and you’ll see your cost rise and results drop. You’ll also need to consider investing more money if you want to run funnels, to ensure that they work effectively.

Facebook Ads are not a quick fix. They aren’t a quick win. They require careful monitoring and optimisation to ensure they are working for you, and they need a lot of testing. Running an ad for a couple of days won’t be effective and essentially, you’ll be pouring money down the train. Invest well in both money and time and you’ll reap the rewards.

Your creative and/or copy isn’t converting

We’re all busy people. Your ad needs to attract people quickly before they scroll past, and your copy needs to call out your audience. As with all copy it’s really important you have a clear call to action. 

If you are driving traffic to a landing page/online shop, you’ll also need to make sure your ad makes sense for where you are directing your audience. Facebook will check this, so it’s very important. 

You haven’t tested enough

As mentioned above Facebook ads are not a quick fix. Whenever I start working with clients, I explain that it’s important to set time aside and a budget for testing. As part of this we’ll be testing different audiences, copy, creative, ad styles etc.  Often this can take time to understand what works best for your audience and objective, but it certainly pays off in the long term! Often people miss out the testing phase of Facebook ads and ultimately that’s why they ‘don’t work for them’. 

You aren’t optimising your ads effectively

You’ve got to monitor your ads often, if you leave them to it you’ll find they won’t work as effectively. You can then be in the driving seat and optimise the ads to improve your results. 

On the other hand, you also need to be able to put yourself in a straight jacket for 72 hours whilst they are in the learning phase. This is the phase that allows Facebook to understand how best to serve your ads.  

Remember different circumstances beyond your control may affect your ads results, some ads may not have as good results on weekend, or when it’s school holidays. So don’t rush to change your ads as a result!

Your customer journey isn’t working

Don’t forget to look further than your ads. Often, I see client’s ads stalling as a result of their website. For example, if you are trying to generate leads and you are sending your audience to a landing page that takes over 3 seconds to load, you could be losing leads. When I’m working with clients, I’m always looking at the bigger picture in order to make their ads as effective as possible and this includes the whole customer journey. 

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