7 reasons you might want your small business to stay remote after the pandemic is over…

7 reasons you might want your small business to stay remote after the pandemic is over…

Switching to a virtual world of working is a good idea, both for employees and companies. Let’s be honest the coronavirus-effect is something that’s going to be with us for a long time, more people will want to work from home. The good news is, that it’s got lot of benefits for you as a business owner and your employees! 

Increase your happiness! 

Who doesn’t like the idea of working from home? It’ll give you a better work life balance, reduce stress and help you lead a healthier lifestyle too! Not only that but it’ll make your business more appealing to new employees because you offer the above. By working remotely you’ll get more time to spend with your family, or on your hobbies which leads to a far greater lifestyle all round. Work hard, play harder!!

More money in your pocket

By working remotely you’ll no longer have big overheads for your office building or premises. The savings are massive, you’ll also be able to claim tax relief on your utilities. You won’t be spending money on commuting each day, and neither will any employees. If you need to have a face to face meeting, there are plenty of rooms available to hire in local co-working centres or catch up in a local coffee shop. Overall, it’ll make your business more profitable as you won’t be spending out on all the above.

Get more done in less time

Let’s be honest a workplace can be full of distractions, interruptions and time lost to commuting, but by working in your most productive hours and avoiding distractions people are more productive. People love having flexibility in how they structure their day, and this makes them more productive as they can plan in regular breaks and are far more motivated to get their work done. By increasing your productivity, you’ll have more time to tick of some of the things further down your to-do list and start pushing your business forwards. You may even be able to work a four-day week, giving you an extra day to enjoy life!

Make your life easier with technology.

With so much technology available, you’ll easily be able to take lots of work of your plate, from online meeting booking software, to instant messaging, communication and collaboration tools can help you stay connected and productive.

Here’s a few I love;

G-Suite- Through video conferencing, chat, and their wide collection of productivity apps, businesses can collaborate no matter wherever they are.

Slack- Communication is key, but it’s even more vital when it comes to remote working. It’s better to over-communicate with your virtual team so they don’t feel isolated and can ask any questions to save time in meetings and 1-1’s.

Zoom- Using video conferencing apps like Zoom allow you to talk to anyone, anywhere enabling you to hold meetings, webinars, one to one sessions. You can have a whole team on a call, allowing them to collaborate and feedback. 

Scale your business

With no limit to the number of remote workers you can have in your business, you can easily scale your business. You can find talented team members from all over the country and tap into specialists who will add lots of value to your team, like Virtual Assistants, Ad Strategists, Designers etc. Lots of these will work on an ad-hoc basis meaning you aren’t paying a salary; you’re just paying for the work you want completed. To find out how you can support your remote working with a Virtual Assistant check out my services here.  

Opening new doors

There are many online networking groups that you can join, opening up your business to lots of potential new customers that you may not have previously reached. You’ve got the opportunity to network with people all over the world, so the world’s your oyster! 

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