5 ways for Small Business Owners to get a well-earned rest over Christmas

5 ways for Small Business Owners to get a well-earned rest over Christmas

Christmas is a great time to relax and rejuvenate, but as small business owners it’s often hard to step away, here are our 5 ways you can make sure you get a rest this Christmas. 

Why should I take a break? 

I know you’re thinking well saying ‘take a break’ is really easy but having to put structures in place for me to have time off is really difficult. As a Small Business Owner, believe me, I recognise the struggles, we are constantly firefighting and have lots of pressure on us, but having time to step away is really important. In order to have a healthy business, you need to be a healthy leader and to do that you need to take care of yourself. Something I certainly sometimes neglect! 

If your feeling worn out, your business can suffer. It might be simple mistakes, or you may start to lose sight of the bigger picture. Maintaining your health and wellbeing is incredibly important and something you should ignore. So use my tips below, to make ‘some’ time for yourself this Christmas even if it’s just an hour! 

5 ways to get a well-earned rest this Christmas

Let people know you’re closed.

It’s important to let your customers know that you’ll be closed over the festive period or your festive hours, but make sure you give them plenty of notice, so they can get in their orders/requests beforehand. 

Make a list of things to do on your return

I love a to-do list and find that writing down all the things that need doing helps me relax more because they aren’t whizzing around in my head. It also gives you chance to re-assess your priorities. 

Turn off the emails on your phone.

If you’ve let your customers know you’re closed, there is no expectation on you to reply. Honestly, it’ll make you feel good to have a detox. 

Plan in some slots to check your emails.

Will you feel better checking your emails over the festive period? Block out a couple of slots in your days dedicated to checking your emails. Set a timer and when the times up, leave them until your next slot. It’s a good idea to set aside some time on your first day back, to sort through your emails. 

Schedule your Social Media posts.

It’s important to keep your online presence going throughout Christmas so instead of you having to create posts on the day, so schedule your posts in advance. If you need a hand with this, send me a message on meg@weareauxilia.com 

Finally, have a wonderful Christmas and well-earned rest. You deserve it!