10 Content Ideas for Video in your Small Business

10 Content Ideas for Video in your Small Business

Video is pretty scary. FACT! It’s also the most powerful form of communication to attract, convince and convert our audience into customers. To start videoing in your small business, you don’t need lots of kit, in fact all you really need to get started is a smart phone. 

Well, if you’re ready to get started here are 10 content ideas for video in your small business;

Product reviews

Similar to a customer testimonial a product review is where one of your customers reviews a specific product or service. This helps any potential customers make a purchasing decision. 

Behind the scenes tour videos

We all love to have a good nose behind the scenes of people’s lives. Take a look at Mrs Hinch on Instagram for example, people love seeing people in their daily lives. Allow your audience to see behind the scenes of your company and let them understand your values, who you are and how you work. 

  • How we make it videos

You can create videos that demonstrate how you make a specific product you sell. Again you can link this in with your brand values, and behind the scenes. 

  • Photo slide show videos

Create a slide show or montage of images that represent your small businesses products or services. Easy to do! 

  • Staff introduction videos

Introduce your staff through video, give them a little bit of information on themselves and let their personality shine. After all people buy from people! 

  • Industry interview videos

Provide value to your audience by interviewing experts in your business or industry. These are a great way to promote discussion with your target audience.

  • Helpful tips videos

Establish yourself as a figure of authority by providing your audience with helpful tips. Create videos that answer some of the common questions your audience have.

  • Video articles

Do you have hundreds of blog posts you’ve written? Repurpose them into a whole host of videos! 

  • Vlogging videos

Create a yourself a Vlog on various topics that you’d normally save for your blog posts. Even better repurpose them for different learning styles. 

  • Tutorial videos

Show your audience how to do things with a series of tutorial videos, it may be a new skill or a recent update that can be demonstrated in a step by step video. 

So, you think you’re ready to start creating videos? Perfect! Like I say all you really need is a smartphone and a little bit of prep beforehand. One thing you really should think about is editing your blog, now it doesn’t need be a full edit by any means, just a little. 85% of people on Facebook watch videos without sound, which isn’t so great when you are trying to talk to them about your fantastic products or services! So, adding subtitles is a great way to overcome this. I use an app on my iPhone called Clips, or you can use a online programme like Kapwing.

I’d absolutely love to see your video creations, so share them with me meg@weareauxilia.com!   Happy Videoing!